Schedule Summer Classes July – August

Also during the Summer AlgoRhythm will keep you dancing! Below you can find the preliminary schedule for the summer classes.

  • All classes are on Thursdays between 19:30 – 21:30h and cost €20 (except for the movie night on August 30th, this one is €5). Depending on how economically comfortable you feel, you can choose to pay 10% more or less than the standard price.
  • You do not need to register for any of the classes, and you do not need a partner to join except for the Aerial class on August 9th! For this class you need to show up with a partner, as we will not rotate during class.
  • All classes are open to everyone, also if you are not a regular AlgoRhythm student. Sometimes we ask for a basic level of Lindy Hop or Charleston – check the level descriptions below.

12 July: TANDEM MANIA by Ellen & Jaro

In two hours you’ll learn the basics of the tandem charleston, plus a lot of cool variations! To join you’ll need to be comfortable with your charleston basic.

19 July: TBA


You may know the tuckturn, and you may know one or two variations on this cool move. But Nicky & Ellen started to nerd out a bit, and came up with over 60 ‘essential’ tuckturns, and over 5000 not-so-essential ones. We’ll teach the subtle art of very leading the very precise differences between the different tuckturns. Follows are faced with the immense challenge not to anticipate (as you’ll be lead into non-default tuckturns), and we’ll practice lots of spins and turns. You can join if you have at least 6 months of Lindy Hop experience.

2 August: STEALING with Danny & Jaro

Are you always clapping on the side of a birthday jam, wanting to go in but not knowing how? Or are you already very comfortable with stealing, but just like to learn some new steals and goof around with it a bit more? On Thursday August 2nd Danny & Jaro will have two hours of stealing prepared for you! Everyone with some Lindy Hop experience can join!

9 August: LET'S FLY! Aerials with Nicky & Jaro

Are you ready for something cool to show off in a jam circle? Or are you just up for some acrobatic challenge? In two hours Jaro & Nicky will teach you a few aerials that will make you feel and look spectacular! To join this class you need to know your basics of Lindy Hop.
NOTE: for this summerclass you need to bring a partner, as we will not rotate during class. More info TBA.
Tips: wear a shirt with long sleeves (and comfortable fitting clothes in general), and please do not wear shoes with heels or slippery soles. 

16 August: SHIM SHAM with Ellen

The Shim Sham is probably the most famous solo jazz routine in the world. In every country lots of people know what to do when the song It ain’t what you do starts playing. After two hours with Ellen you’ll be able to join in with the Shim Sham the next time you’re on a social, and you can even throw in some fancy variations you’ll learn! No previous Lindy Hop or solo jazz experience needed – everyone can join!


But you can join the pre-party of Ceuvel Swing Camp!

30 August: Watching MOVIES and talking JAZZ HISTORY with Ellen & Ronald

Want to know how that dance you love so dearly originated? Do you want to get inspired by old clips from the ’20 and ’30? Interested by how social dancefloor etiquette developed over the years? During this evening Ellen & Ronald will show you some old movies, tell fun facts about the history of swing dance, and open a discussion about our current dance scene. Bring some snacks, and join this interesting evening. Costs are €5.

In the week of September 3rd a new block of weekly classes will start at AlgoRhythm!




Schedule Current Block: April – July

This block will start in the week of April 30th and ends in the first week of July. The Tuesday and Thursday classes will consist of 10 weeks, without any holiday breaks. There will be no classes on Monday May 18th (Smokey Feet), which means that the courses on Monday will only consist of 9 weeks of classes. The registration for this block will open soon.

  • All courses are 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Recursion and Role Switching course is €112,50 (for 9 classes) and the Lindy 1, 2, 3 and 4 is €125 (for 10 classes). Depending on how economically comfortable you feel, you can choose to pay 10% more or less than the standard price.
  • If you take more than 1 course during the same block you’ll get a 30% discount on the second course!
  • Between all classes there is 15 minutes of practice time!