Ceuvel Swing Camp 2018

Registration opens at April 20th 19:00CET!

CSC 2017 Intro

23rd – 26th of August 2018

In August 2018 it’s time for the fourth edition of Ceuvel Swing Camp: A weekend full of Lindy-Hop group and private classes, and other styles to be inspired by!

More information about prices, teachers line-up and schedule will appear in due time.


The main feature of Ceuvel Swing Camp is that every participant gets a private class. Please read that again: a private class for every participant.

– 4 Rooms for all private classes
– 12+ hours of Lindy hop group classes and other tasters in the big party room
– Everything in walking distance
– Switch Mix & Match
– Fusion/alternative party room
– Our own cook providing lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks

Private classes (included!)

Every single participant can get half an hour of private attention from a teacher of choice on their own. (or two times half an hour if you take the class with a partner, or four times half an hour if you take the class with 4 people, etc.)
These private classes can be with a Lindy-Hop teacher, but during the weekend we also have people with other skills present. Feel free to ask them for a private class too!

Group classes

For two days, all day long, there are four rooms where private classes are going on. In the meantime, for when it’s not your turn for private attention, you can take classes of all sorts in the big party room, with among other things: Lindy-Hop group classes, movement basics, solo jazz and more.


It can be a bit of a hassle to schedule a hundred private classes in five different rooms with a number of different teacher who also have group classes to teach, and of course a hundred participants with each their own preferences for teachers and time. That’s why we’re not going to schedule it ourselves. You will do it, on Friday night upon arrival. More information about the procedure will be published in due time.


And of course in the evenings it’s party time! In the main room: Lindy-Hop, and in the extra room, after the first year’s raging success: Fusion all night long! Modern music, blues music, tango-ish music. Use all the new stuff you’ve learned to get creative at these parties that are guaranteed fun.