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Vacancy: Lindy-Hop teacher at AlgoRhythm

AlgoRhythm is looking for new Lindy-Hop teachers (leaders, followers or switchers)!

At AlgoRhythm we believe that everyone can learn to dance, and everyone can learn to lead and follow, as long as we give students a good experience in our classes.


  • You’re a good Lindy-Hop dancer
  • You love nerding out about how the dance works
  • You have good social skills
  • You’re good at reflecting on your own behavior, and want to learn about didactics
  • Teacher experience is not required, but a plus
  • You have affinity with our approach; we value inclusivity, transparency and good teaching skills above all
  • Good English speaking skills, Dutch is not required (but doesn’t hurt either)


  • Lots of independence within the organisation (we work with Holacracy)
  • Market conform compensation for teaching hours (€ 25,- an hour)
  • Teacher training and dance training with the whole team, and team outings
  • Use our studio for your own training anytime it’s not rented out

Before you definitely become a AlgoRhythm teacher, you go through the following steps:

  • An introductory teacher training
  • Teaching one or more classes with our experienced teachers (paid)
  • Intermediate teacher training

If after this we want to work with you and you with us, you’re hired!

Contact us before the 1st of August:

Ellen: 06-44108850