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Below you find an overview of the AlgoRhythm summer classes of 2019.

All classes are on Thursdays between 19:30 – 21:30h and cost €20. As always: depending on how economically comfortable you feel, you can choose to pay 10% more or less than the standard price.

You do not need to register for any of the classes, and you do not need a partner to join.

All classes are open to everyone, also if you are not a regular AlgoRhythm student. Sometimes we ask for a certain experience, make sure to check the level descriptions for the classes you want to join.

11th of July

Danny & Kevin
@ The Workship
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Role Switching, 11th of July

While switching you never know what will happen next.. and we love it! So try it out: have an equal conversation with your partner, and enjoy the most surprising dances you can get.. Kevin and Danny will guide you through the sometimes tricky transitions from leading to following and back.

Level: You need some experience in both roles to join this class.

Surprise your partner
18th of July

Hanna & Danny
@ The Workship
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Surprise your partner, 18th of July

A fun class full of surprises.. and yes, leads will be surprised by their partners as well.

Level: You need to be comfortable with your swing-outs.

Trickeration Routine
25th of July

@ The Workship
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Trickeration Routine, 25th of July

The Trickeration is one of the classic solo jazz routines. Norma Miller choreographed it and used it for years as an audition routine. People who mastered it in 2 hours, were allowed to join her troupe.  It is tricky, but fun.. so take on this challenge with Danny!

Level: Some solo jazz experience comes in handy, otherwise be prepared for a challenge.

1st of August

@ The Workship
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Rhythms! 1st of August

Swing-jazz is an extremely rhythmical style of music. That means there’s a world of rhythmical opportunities to play around with when dancing Lindy-hop. Collin is a dancer ánd a drummer, the perfect person to teach you the awareness and the tools to make your own rhythms, so you’ll become a human drum machine on the social dance floor!

Level: As soon as you’re comfortable with a change place (aka: pass by), you’re good to go! It will be a challenge for all levels.

Solo Jazz
8th of August

@ The Workship
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Solo Jazz, 8th of August

A more detailed description will follow, but put this date in your calendar, because doing more solo jazz is the surest way to improve your dancing.

Level: Two months and up

Taster for beginners15th of August

Restaurand Semai
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Taster for beginners, 15th of August

Before the pre-party of Ceuvel Swing Camp on Thursday there will be a taster class for absolute beginners, so send all your friends who are curious about Lindy-hop! It’s a chance to try it out before the new classes start in September.  

Level: No experience whatsoever required

A Beginning and an End22nd of August

Nicky & Jaro
@ DAT!school
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A Beginning and an End, 22nd of August

Do you sometimes find yourself awkwardly bouncing next to your partner to start a dance? What about these songs that seem to keep milking that last chord while you’re already done dancing and stand there smiling at your partner for half a minute?
Using the concept of ‘less = more’ we will work on making you dance the whole song, from the first beat to the very end. And show you how restriction brings creativity into your dancing and with that, lots of fun!

Level: 2 months to ∞ years of dancing

Rotation, rotation29th of August

Kevin & Ellen
@ DAT!school
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Rotation, rotation, 29th of August

Who doesn’t love an extra turn here and there to dust off any old move and make it sparkle anew? In this class we will work on a fundamental technique that makes turning light and easy, and hand you the tools to add them any place you like.

Level: At least half a year of Lindy-Hop experience required, but there will also be challenges for those with years of experience!