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During this workshop day, we will combine the wonderful disciplines of Lindyhop dance and Acroyoga, to work on Aerials (acrobatics moves in partner dancing). Are you interested in experimenting with music and dance in your acrobatic practice? Or are you a lindyhop dancer and you want to work on the technical foundation of your aerials? Let’s learn, dance and fly together! Both acrobats and dancers are very welcome to join!


13.00-14.15 INTRODUCTION TO LINDYHOP DANCING by Ellen and Danny from Algorhythm
In the first class, Ellen and Danny will teach you the basics of Lindyhop: a fun, energetic African-American partner dance from the 1930s, danced to swinging jazz music.
This class is specifically aimed at those with no prior experience in Lindyhop.

14.30-15.45 ACROYOGA by Sanne and Jolien from In Your Elements
Sanne and Jolien will introduce you to the wonderful world of Acroyoga: a combination of Acrobatics, Yoga and Thai massage. In small groups, we will work on challenging Acroyoga sequences and counterbalance poses in a safe and controlled way. The result is a lot of energy, a calm mind and a lot of fun. Moreover, this class provides an excellent basis to work on Aerials later on. No experience with yoga or acrobatics needed, but we’ll make sure to provide challenging material for more advanced acroyogis as well.

16.00-17.15 AERIALS by Nicky and Jaro from Algorhythm
Based on the previous two workshops, Nicky and Jaro will teach you some fun and challenging aerials.
We will also work on different ways to dance into the aerials and how to put them to music. To join this workshop, you need to have at least a few months of experience in Lindyhop or Acroyoga.
NOTE: For the Aerial workshop, you need to register with a partner.

SINGLE CLASS? The classes can be followed separately, exceot for the aerials class. To take this one you have to take at least one of the other classes (depending on your experience), otherwise the fusion-learning experience is lost. Following all three workshops is also possible.
REGISTER BEFOREHAND? Yes! We’d like to know how many people we can expect and what kind of experience you have, so that we can create interesting workshops for all participants. We have space for up to 16 people.
NEED A PARTNER? For the Aerial class: Yes! Please register with a partner. We will not rotate during this class. You may want to find someone of the opposite role (lead vs follow or flyer vs base), but you can also decide to switch roles during class. For the Lindyhop and Acroyoga class, you don’t need a partner. However, you can work with one specific person if you prefer.

Register here!

€15,- for 1 class
€25,- for 2 classes
€35,- for 3 classes

MORE INFO? Check the facebook event or drop us a message.

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