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Ceuvel Swing Camp Transparancy

The info below is from our 2018 event, we will soon update this for 2019!

Let’s be open!

We want to be open about our organisation, as we feel you have the right to know many things that are usually kept hidden. On this page you can hopefully find all the answers to the questions you may have about how we organise this camp. Including: how we make the preliminary schedule of the private classes, how we have tried to improve compared to last year, and how we spend our money. Meet the Ceuvel Swing Camp crew with their trousers down! Feel we missed anything? Send us an email with your questions!

What’s all that inclusivity and caring stuff you try to create? How?

(Not so) secretly, Ceuvel Swing Camp is organised by a bunch of people trying to change the (lindy) world. We want everyone–independent of background or preferences–to feel comfortable, welcome and safe at our camp.

  • A varied price system for the full passes. Depending on whether you feel more or less economically comfortable, you can decide to pay the standard price, or €30 more or less.
  • A care team, being available night and day for all the questions you may have that you feel should be treated with care. Of course you can also always address any of the crew members, but they may also have other organisation stuff they need to do.
  • Explicit attention to learning the other dance role and switching, e.g., in two group classes, our Mix and Switch competition and on the t-shirts we will sell. We feel that you should be able to easily dance in the dance role that you prefer (for (half) a song, an evening, or the whole weekend) independent of social expectations, e.g., because of your gender.
  • We will serve mainly vegan food, and make sure that there is always a vegan option available, to make sure that people with these (fantastic) food preferences do not feel like an outsider. Also, eating vegan has less of an impact on the environment, so this way we try to compensate a tiny bit for all/some of you flying/traveling to Amsterdam for our camp.
  • We like dressing up, and we like it if you happen to like this too, but we do not expect you to wear a certain kind of clothes at our camp. Above all, we strongly encourage you to wear whatever you feel comfortable with. And yes, this includes hair on women’s legs and a skirt around a guy’s butt.
  • No toleration for any form of harassment (be it racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise). Please check the code of conduct in our camp booklet for more info about this.

How do you try to be environmentally friendly?

We genuinely try to organise the camp in a way that it has as little impact on the environment as possible. On the one hand we focus on the big polluters such as flying and eating meat, and on the other hand we try to go a step further with the small stuff compared to many other festivals. For example, we use second hand (real) plates and cutlery instead of merely switching from plastic to paper disposable plates. Here’s a list of how we try to be environmentally conscious:

  • We eat vegan. All meals we provide are vegan, and we introduced vegan milk to the bar in our venue so you can even make your cappuccino vegan.
  • We choose teachers close by so we do not have to fly in teachers. Only one teacher couple will fly in, from Lithuania.
  • We promote people to offset their flight or other transport and we offset the travels of all teachers and crew by donating to Trees For All.
  • We walk/cycle everywhere during and in preparation of the camp – even for our big grocery shopping event and the transport of teachers in Amsterdam.
  • We avoid wasting food, using plastic, and printing stuff as much as possible.
  • We use recycled materials (e.g. home made flag lines from our old clothes, and wooden signs from our old garden fence) and second hand stuff (e.g. plates).

What did you do with the feedback from last year? How have you tried to improve this year?

Here is a list of the most important and biggest improvements we’ve made:

  • We switched to a different venue for the parties, as our old venue, Eddy’s, was indeed way too hot.
  • We will serve a wider variety of food, as not everyone was pleased with our repetitive vegan food. Also, we will have salt and pepper available so people can adjust this themselves.
  • We have a new system for scheduling the private classes. We make the preliminary schedule and you can optimise it on Friday evening.
  • We will have practice spaces available in our main venue, and even schedule guided practice session, so you can continue working on what you’ve discovered in your private or group classes.
  • We’ll make sure that there is plenty of (free) drinking water available. Also, we will inform the people behind the bar about the expected peak hours of the weekend, so there is extra help, e.g., right after classes stopped.
  • We scheduled CSC18 one week later than normally. Now our local stars from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are available, and we both have amazing teachers and spare the environment by flying in almost no teachers.

How do you decide who gets which private class?

We want to schedule the classes as fairly as possible, while still getting a result that meets all of your preferences as best as possible. Fairness for us means that we will not make secret choices behind your back. We will simply try to optimise the schedule with the preferences that you’ve given us (meaning that we try to give as many people possible their preferred choice of teacher and time slot). However, for this we need to make some choices about what we will guarantee to you, and what we will really really try to give you:

  • If you volunteer at our camp, we will make sure that your private class is not during your volunteer shift. (Please also, if you want to switch time slots with someone else on Friday evening, make sure that your new time also doesn’t interfere with your volunteer shift!)
  • If you want to take a semi-private class with two or more people and all of you want the same teacher, then we will try to schedule a one slot for all of you (rather then several 30-minute slots).
  • If you want to take a semi-private class with two or more people and all of you filled in different teachers as a preference on registration, we’ll make sure that you’ll have a break between your classes. We will also of course make sure that these separate private classes do not take place at the same time.
  • If you filled in other preferences in answer to the “Is there anything else we should know when scheduling your private class?”-questions, then whether we will try to fulfill your wish depends on how reasonable we think this is. This is a bit vague, so here are some examples. We will not take it into account if you tell us again which teacher you really really like. We will also not take it into account if you tell us that you really really like us and are coming from Belgium with fantastic chocolate. But of course, if you have a wedding planned on Saturday early morning (but can attend the rest of the weekend), then we will really try to work around this.
  • We will give the preferences of dancers who have been dancing for over three years priority over those of dancers who have been dancing for less than 1,5 year, as we feel that they may benefit more from a private class of their preferred teacher.

We will not make any more choices for you besides the above mentioned. This means that will not favour our incrowd. We will try to find a schedule that meets as many people’s preferences as possible, but of course we cannot guarantee that you get your favourite teacher or spot in the schedule. If your preference is popular, we will allocate preferences on a first come first serve base–so register soon!

Also note, we will make the schedule three weeks before the camp. If you take over a full pass from someone else after this, then we will not take your preferences into account (and you’ll get the private class of the person you bought the full pass from).

How do you spend your money? Do you make a profit?

Below you can find the amount we plan to spend on making Ceuvel Swing Camp 2018 really awesome. Everything is including taxes, and everything with an asterisk (*) is what we expect to spend or earn. As we are not sure whether the venues we book and the teachers, band and photographer we hire are as fond of complete transparency as we are, some amounts are a bit vague to honour the privacy of the individuals included.

And as you can see, yes, if everything goes according to plan then we’ll make a small profit of €2.110. For now, this mainly just sits on Ceuvel Swing Camp’s bank account until we found something cool to spend it on. It does not go to the owner of AlgoRhythm, but we are planning on using it as an investment for Ceuvel Swing Camp 2019, our five year anniversary.

Money going out: total €20.630

Four venues €2500


—Teaching of group and private classes, and traveling costs of teachers and photographer €7770*

—Teaching of switch classes €0

Music & photography

—DJs for all their work at four parties €300*

—Bands, musical equipment and photographer €2000


—Three dinners for participants, crew, teachers and photographer €3000

—Two lunches for everyone €750*

—Drinks for crew, teachers and volunteers €450*

—Food for crew in their hours of preparing €50*

Small stuff

—Really small stuff, like printing or material for scheduling board  €150*

—Gas for transporting material, food and teachers €60*

—Decoration & signs to clarify things up €200

—Insurance & first aid €300*

—Taxes €600*

Something nice for a year of hard work for four crew members €2000

Everything we did not count on / cases of panic €500

Money coming in: total €22.740

Full passes

—107 full passes of €130, €160 or €190 each €17.120*

—3 full passes with discount for supervolunteers €270

—2 full pass for the winner of the Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival 2017 competition €0


—65* meal passes of €50 each €3250*

—Single meal tickets €250*


25* party passes of €40 each €1000*

Presale single party tickets €150*

Selling at the door single tickets €700*[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]