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Ceuvel Swing Camp – Registration

Registration will open somewhere around April 2019.

For the full pass registration we ask for the regular info and also two extras:

  1. Your preferences for a teacher and time slot for your private class. See below for the questions you’ll get, so you can start your registration prepared. We will make sure to have our teacher and group classes page up to date at least two weeks before registration opens.
  2. How long you have been dancing, and how much you teach/go to classes/socials a week. Based on this info we will allocate a level to you for the lindy hop classes. If you are unhappy with the level assigned to you, then you can come and talk to us on Saturday morning at 9.30 before your first class.

You can register with a partner of any level. If you register alone and end up on the waiting list, then someone can always take you off the list later by registering with you.

By registering you agree to the terms and conditions.

After registration, you will get an email within a few days confirming whether you have a spot at our camp, and if so, the needed payment information. After your payment, your registration will be completed.

Private class scheduling process

To try to avoid the chaos of last year, this year we’ll make a preliminary schedule ourselves and you can spend Friday evening optimising this.

STEP 1: Preliminary schedule

WHEN? Fill in preferences during registration for a full pass.

When registrering, you’ll get the following questions about your preferences concerning the teachers and time slots for your private class. All questions are optional, so you do not have to fill them in if you do not have any preferences regarding teachers or time slots–and indeed, it would make our scheduling easier if you have less preferences. (We understand: all the teachers are awesome, it’s very hard to pick!)

  1. Which teacher do you like best? And which one second best? Here’s a list of all our awesome teachers.
  2. Which group class(es) do you definitely not want to miss? Pick one option:
    1. Lindy hop with Kris & Areski
    2. Lindy hop with Kamile & Arnas
    3. Solo jazz with Bara
    4. Movement with Kamile
    5. Learning the other role with Ellen & Danny
    6. Switching with Ellen & Danny
    7. Fusion with TBA teachers
    8. Your bed on Saturday morning
    9. Your bed on Sunday morning
  3. Which group class(es) do you not mind missing? (Same options, you can pick multiple)
  4. Would you rather have your preferences for the group classes (question 3. and/or 4.) or your preference about the private class teacher satisfied?
  5. If you already decided that you want to share your private with someone, with whom? See below for all the options of taking half an hour private class alone, or sharing this with one, two or more others and ending up with an hour, 90 minutes or more awesomeness.
  6. Is there anything else we should know when scheduling your private class? For example, are you volunteering a lot, or do you need to miss part of the camp?

Before the camp, math mastermind Ronald, ethicist Nicky and programming nerds Ellen and Danny will fit together a schedule that fits your preferences as well as possible with this (limited) info. We will try to satisfy your wishes as well as possible, but we may not succeed. (Check our transparency page for how exactly we plan to schedule the private classes as effectively and fairly as possible)

STEP 2: Improve the schedule

WHEN? On Friday evening, and during the rest of the weekend.

However, this initial schedule is just a first draft. On Friday evening the scheduling board will be visible for all of you. We’ll introduce the teachers, and if you want to switch your slot with someone else (for example because you just found out that you’re in love with one (or all) of our teachers, or because you want to share your private with someone with similar interests) you can still switch–as long as all participants included are happy with this switch.

Advanced options: Couples, Triplets, Quadruplets

Instead of having a 30-minute private class on your own, you can also take a 60-minute class as a couple, or a 90-minute semi-private class with three persons, etc. Still quite some individual attention, and way more class hours! If you want and we are able to schedule a semi-private class with the same teacher, then we will try to schedule a longer session. If you want (or end up getting) different teachers, then we will make sure you have a break in between.