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Ceuvel Swing Camp 2018 Levels

Private classes and theme classes

Most of the classes during the weekend are private classes: perfectly tailored to the level of the participants. So these don’t require dividing the group into levels. In the group classes of non-Lindy-Hop disciplines we are all (presumably) beginners, so we don’t need levels there either.

Lindy-Hop group classes

However, there are also 6 Lindy-Hop group classes, and each participant can take 2 of those, at their most suitable level. This means we will divide all participants into 3 groups, based on the number of months/years that they are dancing, and the number of dance hours they make per week. We require you to fill in this information on the registration form.
If you feel the level you’re assigned to is not right for you, you can discuss this with us on Saturday morning before the start of the first group class.

Basic requirements

In order to join the lowest level, we would like you to have at least half a year of weekly Lindy-Hop classes in your pocket so that everybody knows their basics.