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Accommodation, transport & meals 2019

Despite the name of the weekend, no camping on the terrain is allowed. Below we’ve listed some accommodation options in the area.


There is a nice camping site: Camping Vliegenbos, with bungalows and camping fields 2 kilometers away from the Ceuvel.


Find a host in our Facebook group.

Nearby hotels and hostels

Asile Flottant – a floating hotel at the Ceuvel. Booking a ship can be done here.

Clink Noord Hostel




Offset your travels!

Lindy Hop may seem like an environmentally friendly hobby, but flying all over Europe of even the world for one weekend certainly isn’t. To compensate for you emissions, we ask you to offset your travels. As this may seem like a complicated matter, we will help you a bit! Offsetting means that you donate a certain amount of money for the CO2 you emitted, and in exchange an organisation will do something that will either take the CO2 you emitted out of the air again, or invest in clever ways to emit less CO2 in the future. The most obvious example is to plant trees, or to prevent farmers in the rain forest from cutting trees, as trees absorb CO2. Here’s a list of non-profit organisations we recommend, ordered from more direct to more indirect impact:

  • Diminish deforestation by Cool Earth (ENG) or planting trees by Trees For All (NL). Trees for all has a super handy way in which you can calculate the CO2 you emit by your travelling;
  • Promote plantbased food. See Animal Charity Evaluators for recommended options;
  • Promote fancy efficient energy research via MIT’s Energy Initiative.

Ceuvel Swing Camp offset the travels of all teachers and crew by donating €30 to Trees For All.

Getting around in Amsterdam

Public transport – All of the venues for the Camp are located within walking distance of each other, at the Papaverhoek and Korte Papaverstraat in Amsterdam. Use to tell you how to get there – bus stop Mosplein is in front of the door.

Cycling – As you probably know, Dutch people use a bike to find their way around the city. This way you do not have to rely on public transport in the middle of the night after a party. You can rent bicycles throughout the city, and prices usually start at about €10 a day. However, the public transport company also rents out bikes (“OV-fietsen”), for only €3,85 a day. Unfortunately you need to public transport card (“OV-kaart”) for this. You may not have one if you live abroad, but every Dutch person has one! So ask a Dutch person you know (or find someone via our facebookgroup) whether they can rent a bike for you. Each OV-kaart allows one to rent two bikes at the same time. Click here for the pick-up locations or for more information.
Once you have a bike and want to get to the the North of Amsterdam, then take a ferry! They run all night from Amsterdam Centraal station to Buiksloterweg (and back), it only takes a couple of minutes, and you can take your bike with you. From stop Buiksloterweg, it’s only a 7 minutes ride to the Camp.

Food – TBA

The food info below is from our 2018 event, will soon be updated.

This year the camp will take place at a new venue, Ethiopian Restaurant Semai! And of course, we will taste their delicious Ethiopian food. Together with our trusted cook Nicky we’ll make sure that Ceuvel Swing Camp will not only be cheery and dancy, but also yummy!


Friday welcome dinner | Hamli, tumtumo and shiro with enjeras and salad. Or for those not familiar with Epthiopian cuisine: dishes with spinach (hamli), lentils with a traditional sauce (tumtumo) and chickpeas, served on a sourdough-risen flatbread (or: pancake).
Dessert: Nicky’s home made banana ice cream with some fancy chocolate

Saturday lunch | Lentil soup, green barley tahini salad and most importantly: as much rainbow houmous as your heart desires! Accompanied with bread, different spreads and fruit.

Saturday dinner | Sisli (a traditional Ethiopian sauce with onion, herbs and pepper) and alicha (Ethiopian vegetable steam with potato, carrots and pepper), with rice or bulgur and a green Popeye salad.
Dessert: Carrot cake

Sunday lunch | Potato leek soup, pasta salad, cucumber mint salad and again, plenty of houmous. And again: sandwiches, spreads and fruit.

Sunday dinner | Five Ethiopian vegan dishes with enjeras.
Dessert:Watermelon mint salad

And next to this, we’ll also serve a four o’clock snack to keep you active during the classes, and midnight snacks to keep you happy all night: Ethiopian deep fried sambusa with green lentils.

VEGAN? Everything?!

Yes, everything! You may wonder how an active lindy hopper will get enough protein and energy from merely eating vegan food, but we’ve taken some time to figure this out. During the weekend we will not only let you taste and experience how delicious and healthy a vegetarian lifestyle can be, but we will also provide the oh so needed information and recipes to continue reducing your meat consumption at home. This way we hope to improve both the environment and animal welfare, as well as the health of lindy hoppers.

Allergies and diets

If you have any allergies or dietary wishes – especially regarding nuts or soy – make sure to let us know when you register.